Lewis Hamilton wins fourth World Championship.


A massive congratulations goes to lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 team for their fourth World Champion Title, won at the Mexico Grand Prix on Sunday.
Lewis wrote on his Instagram:
" As a kid, I always dreamt of being in Formula 1. I never lost sight of that dream, evenwhen people said it would be impossible. I stand here now with 4 World Championships and am proof that if you follow your dreams with everything you have, they can come true. I am so grateful to all 1,500 people in my Team who all have a dream of making the best F1 car and tirelessly make that dream a reality. My fans, #TeamLH, I would not be here without you. You've carried me through adversity and shared my joy in moments such as these.
Truly, thank you.
We are all rising together and I am so excited for what our future brings together."